Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kyle Blake - Holding Doors, Pulling Out Chairs

It was so much fun to handle the photography and design work of Kyle's entire album.  I was so pleased that we were able to achieve the specific mood that Kyle desired.  Work began by listening to Kyle's music.  Starting with the message he was conveying though his voice, and working from that point on a visual concept allowed us to create artwork that accentuated the message, not flashy visuals that detracted from it.  By approaching the project in this manner Kyle was not only able to speak to his listener's through his lyrics, but also on a completely different level with them visually.  

We wanted to create a warm, intimate feeling with this solo album because of the honest and deeply personal lyrics.  

I'll say it again.  It was a blast!!! Be sure to check it out on iTunes (available soon) or pick up your own hard copy by emailing for details. 


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